External flexible folding doors

To provide effective protection from the environment, our high-speed external flexible doors use Trekking folding technology to provide greater wind resistance, up to category 5, along with better insulation.

The Trekking technology for Nergeco Entrematic automatic folding flexible doors provide greater wind resistance by increasing the number of stiffeners distributed from top to bottom of the opening. They tension the curtain evenly down to the bottom of the slides to provide better weatherproofing. They distribute pressure over the whole of the frame uniformly thus providing reliable and continuous operation, even when subjected to a high wind load, without jamming or flapping and without any unnecessary and hazardous weight at the bottom.
The closure edge is flexible and deformable both vertically and horizontally. With no rigid feeler bar or system to restrain the curtain in the slides, it can distort without knocking the vehicle on contact. Directly responsive over a height of 40 cm, it registers the distortion and retracts above the obstacle. This patented property allows it to open just in time to provide access, and to close again immediately after at the same speed, thus reducing the exposure time of your building and energy costs due to air exchanges by up to 32%! (Study by the CETIAT laboratory)
Lastly, because the curtain does not roll up on itself, it can accommodate flexible wall insulators of any thickness suited to different insulation requirements, for example to stand up to cold or contain heat (in an oven for example), or to reduce acoustic transmission (in the case of high noise levels for example).
The frame of Nergeco Entrematic fast acting external flexible doors is independent of the building. Produced in steel for the widest spans (up to 200 m²), they can be made, for dimensions up to 6 x 6 m, in new materials, more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel and thermal break by virtue of their nature. Depending on the options chosen, the direct motor drive is either built into the transom or protected under a cover, with a smaller number of moving parts for easier maintenance and longer service life. Numerous options are available to adapt these high-speed doors to your requirements regarding transparency, thickness and density of the curtain, non-powered opening and transom shapes to provide access to the motor drive from the front, top or bottom. For greater productivity and uninterrupted service from the fast acting door, even in the event of an incident, its slides are of sufficient size to allow it to operate continuously even if its stiffeners are accidentally distorted.