Nergeco Entrematic high performance high-speed flexible doors

By increasing thermal insulation and improving the flow of goods in perfect safety, for both vehicles and individuals, while fully integrating into the constraints specific to each business, Nergeco Entrematic high performance fast acting doors have become the most reliable and safest technological standard.

Efficiency and safety rooted in day-to-day reality
With no rigid ballast bar, no rigid transverse detection component and no curtain captive in its slides, the flexible closing edge of Nergeco Entrematic automatic fast acting doors is free in its slides, can distort both vertically and horizontally, and is directly responsive over the last 40 cm. If touched while a vehicle is passing through, it moves with the vehicle horizontally without the least resistance; it directly registers this abnormal distortion and immediately retracts by itself above the obstacle (international patent). It reinserts itself in its slides at the next cycle without any action needing to be taken if dislodged by a vehicle.
On each access, the door opens at the last moment without posing a risk if touched, then closes again at the same speed - twice as fast as standard doors - without endangering users, vehicles or packages. Accidents and production stoppages are reduced, but by minimising the time it is open, it also reduces energy consumption and the risks of air exchanges. This is the Nergeco Intelligent Curtain (international patents).
A recent study by the CETIAT laboratory showed that Nergeco high performance high-speed flexible doors fitted with the Intelligent Curtain, by opening just in time and closing twice as fast as traditional doors, can reduce exposure and energy consumption by 23 to 32% on each cycle [Study modelling the reduction in exposure over one cycle by a Nergeco high-performance door (opening just in time at 1 m/s, with fast closure at 1 m/s), relative to another high-speed door (fast opening, 2 m/s, slow closing at 0.5 m/s for regulatory safety reasons)].