A journey of innovations for the benefit of each area of industry, logistics and distribution

In 35 years, Nergeco has become the technical leader around the world for safe, automatic high-speed flexible doors by meeting the three-fold requirement of "insulation, access and adaptation".

Access to industrial, logistic and commercial buildings is prevented at night by rigid anti-intrusion doors. Those which are heavy and slow do not allow fast opening and closing cycles during working-hours nor the retention of calories or frigories. After the first oil crisis in 1973, rigid doors being wide open during work-hours, the openings are taken over by flexible strips or flexible swing doors, to allow traffic-flow and partly retain calories in.

1981, first major innnovation. Nergeco combines airtightness and thermal resistance of the rigid doors with the fast opening and closing offered by the flexible doors. This was the first Productivity Doors. It gives full room on ground level just in front of the load while keeping protecting the top thermal mattress during the major part of the opening-closing cycles.With endless opening closing the productivity door saves enough energy by reducing the exposure time to offer its pay-back within one or two years depending on the number of daily cycles.
1989, second major innnovation. The increase of the traffic-flow due to more intensive production leads to more impacts at the bottom of these new curtains. Nergeco then innovates with the soft bottom edge. the new curtain is harmless and pratically shock-proof and so it reduces the costs of repairs and maintenance. Then these new Productivity Doors® started to be installed in most activities, sites ans processes.
1993, third wave of innovation. Nergeco adapts exactly its Productivity Doors® with the soft bottom to each trade, each process, each site..
1995, Nergeco finalizes its “protocol of maintenance” . To guarantee a regular, reliable and economical service of the Productivity Doors® where they are. The Nergeco service Compagny can also take in charge the other equipments of the openings like rigid doors, dock levellers.
1998, Nergeco finalizes its concept of “customized production” to deliver each Productivity Door® just in time with cost-efficiency and reliability throughout 90 countries.
2006, The fully new Intelligent Curtain® by Nergeco Entrematic reduces the time the door are open because it is designed to open "just in time" and to close twice as fast with fewer risks of incidents! This is how it will reduce your expenses in heating, air conditioning, air processing, cold generation, reparirs and in maintenance… And even in investment by adapting exactly to your site, your industry, and your process.